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Resumption of Activies 2021


You will be very pleased to know Sandnats activities re-started with a well-attended field meeting at Hilltop on September 18th 2021 and an equally successful indoor meeting at Oak House on Wednesday October 6th when we had feedback on the Bioblitz in the grounds of the house on August 22nd. It is good to know that we shall be back at the RSPB Centre for our next meeting on Wednesday November 3rd,

When Andy Slater (EcoRecord) will give a presentation entitled 'Make Your Records Count'. He has been a great friend to Sandnats for a number of years and will tell us about his job, different recording systems and some interesting stats and maps. Our single sighting of Lion in Dartmouth Park took place many years ago and if I can find the precise date, we will get him to add the record to the database. The circus owners had been very popular in the Park until that juncture, and were mightily relieved when someone in Dagger Lane had the presence of mind to shut it in their garage as it prowled uncertainly about.

More details about this meeting and the rest of the events for 2021, with any necessary instructions, will be circulated shortly.




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