Personal profiles of members with known expertise


Mike Bloxham
Mike has made a lifelong study of insects. In retirement he joined Birmingham and the B&BC Wildlife Trust's Survey unit, 'Landcare', as an invertebrate ecologist and completed some 20 different projects, working with a variety of organisations in the midland region. He became a member of Dipterists Forum (True Flies) and the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society and also works as a volunteer on the insect collections at Birmingham Museum Collection Centre. He finds his collection of specimens invaluable for reference purposes and extremely valuable in teaching entomology at various levels. Accounts of his research and activities have appeared in a number of publications and he has edited the Bulletin of the Sandwell Naturalists (Sandnats) for a number of years.Wildlife illustration is another of his interests and he has provided line drawings and photographs for a number of authors and editors.
A fuller account of Mike's work with more biographical detail and pictures. Mike Bloxham Life and Work with biographical detail and pictures.

Andy Slater
Biodiversity Information Officer at Ecorecord
My specialism is hoverflies (Syrphidae), but I am really an entomological generalist, interested in a broad range of other invertebrates that can be seen visiting plants, including solitary bees, soldier beetles and shield bugs.