Surveys, Projects and Species Lists

For many years, members have been regularly recording the animals, plants, fungi and insects they have found in the Valley and the species lists are regularly updated.

Species Lists

Beetles of the Sandwell Valley Beetle List (2019)

Plant Survey Sandwell Valley Plant List 2003

Current Projects

The current state of the Invertebrate Recording Project

An ecological survey of water habitats in Sandwell Valley  

Recent Projects

Forge Farm (Sandwell Valley) Preliminary Ecological Report (Summer 2014)

Aculeate Bees & Wasps of the Sandwell Valley RSPB with special reference to the solitary species found on the Bee Bank by the Lake Hide. September 2015

Earlier surveys and projects

Garden Birds Survey. For a number of years members annually recorded birds in or around their gardens from the beginning of November to mid March. Garden Bird Survey

Harvest Mouse Project. From 2000 to 2003 members made an enthusiastic and wholeheated contribution to a Harvest Mouse Project in conjunction with Sandwell Valley Country Park and Dudley Zoo. This was an attempt to breed, reintroduce and monitor the reintroduction of harvest mice into Sandwell Valley Park. Harvest mouse image

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