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Sandwell Valley Naturalists' Club (2014). Poulton, M. (2015) A Flora of the RSPB Reserve in the Sandwell Valley. 57 pages
(Vol. 37 No.2 of the Bulletin of the Sandwell Valley Naturalists' Club)

In this publication, which marks the opening of the new Sandwell RSPB Visitor Centre 'Nature's Reach', Mike Poulton updates the 2004 version of the RSPB Flora. He gives a more comprehensive review of habitats and many additional species have been added to the original lists. Additional species accounts are given, as are colour plates to illustrate many of the beautiful plants on the Reserve. The reader will be left with a very readable account not only of the actual flora but also of some of the conservation issues facing management.

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Sandwell Valley Naturalists' Club (2014). Butterflies & Moths of the Sandwell Valley Berforts Information Press Ltd (in association with NatureBureau). 96 pages ISBN 978-0-9511532-4-6

This book tells the story of our involvement with the study of Butterflies and Moths in the Sandwell Valley since 1976 until present times. Information on phenology and Valley distribution is given for all 675 species currently listed. The book deals with recording methodology employed, together with the ecology of many species. It also examines other key concepts such as parasitism, the arrival of new species over time and the potential value of local studies such as these in informing conservation practice. Beautiful photography of many species is also a key feature of the publication.

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Moodie, 2005, Fungi of the Sandwell Valley

( Vol.28 Part 1 of the Bulletin of the Sandwell Valley Naturalists' Club)

The booklet contains 68 pages of text and line illustrations, and four pages of colour plates. It gives a general introduction to the major groups of Fungi and Lichens; descriptions and notes of important representatives of those groups occurring in the valley; and a comprehensive systematic list, with both Latin names and English names as appropriate.

It concludes with two Checklists for use in Fungus Forays. The lists use the latest taxonomic names and the English names used are those recommended by the British Mycological Society and English Nature.

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Forbes, Hackett and Hextell, 2000, Birds of the Sandwell Valley
Special Series Publication No. 2 -

Contains 136 pages, illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs.
ISBN 0 9511532 26

The habitats of the area are reviewed, and a monthly bird calendar gives a snapshot of what might be seen on a chosen visit. Classified notes provide the reader with data on the lives and regional ecology of nearly all birds listed.
The book also contains a glossary and index, as well as the main check list.

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Poulton, 1994, Sandwell Valley Flora.

Special Series Publication No. 1 -

Contains 44 pages, illustrated with line drawings by Paul Edwards.
ISBN 0 9511532 1 8

This is a useful handbook for visiting botanists, with a comprehensive check list of the plants of the valley, with assessments of their local status, and details of approximate flowering times. This work supplements and updates the original account of the flowering plants given in 'Wildlife of the Sandwell Valley'.

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           See also The Sandwell Valley plant list SpecProjects PROJ


Bloxham, 1986, Wildlife of the Sandwell Valley.

Contains 88 pages, illustrated with line drawings and maps.

The booklet is a valuable introduction for anyone wishing to visit the valley, with contributions by various writes on geology, ecology, history and plant and animal species found in the valley, with notes on interesting species. An appendix lists the plants and animals seen up to the date of publication.

Unfortunately, 'Wildlife of the Sandwell Valley', is now out of print.


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