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The organisation has produced bulletins annually since its inception. Bulletins contain regular reports of birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, plants and fungi recorded in the valley, along with weather reports and conservation notes. We now produce two bulletins a year. One of these has come to be known as the 'Annual Report', and is where Sandnats records its activities. Sandnats has acknowledged experts in a number of areas and many learned articles have been published in the society's bulletins. We are looking to make these articles more readily available.

Annual Reports, Copyright and Acknowledgements
The latest Annual Report is now available online. We shall continue to add historic numbers over the course of time, so you can learn more about the story of Sandnats and its work. We remind our readers that these reports contain a good deal of copyright material. This is usually indicated in the text where the artists and/or photographers are named. Most of the photographs and many of the line drawings fall into this category. If readers would like to make use of such items for purposes other than their own personal study, they should contact the Bulletin Editor so the appropriate permission may be sought.
Sandnats also requests that any information taken from the Bulletins and used in another publication should be formally acknowledged.


Recent years have seen the production of special series publications which concentrate on specific wildlife groups found in the Valley. These are written by members with special expertise, often assisted by expert referees who have a local or national reputation in their fields. Books


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